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Guided Tours for Girls in Berry, South Coast NSW

Founder of Luxe South Coast and lead Tour Guide, Justine Weller, has over 20 year’s travel experience combined with 15 years’ experience working in PR and events across the travel and tourism, entertainment and lifestyle industries. A perfect fusion for organising fab trips!

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Justine has organised numerous VIP parties and events and knows how to get her foot in the door to some of the hottest soirees around – no matter where she is!

Her passion for travel has taken her to many corners of the globe including the USA – New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco – as well as having spent a great deal of time in Hawaii. She’s also travelled throughout Asia including Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore and extensively throughout the UK and Europe.

Justine now resides in Berry on the South Coast of NSW and spends her free time enjoying the ‘country lifestyle’ and looking after the animals on her farm.

Luxe South Coast was born out of her desire for women to be able to get away from their busy lives and have some fun with other like-minded women, all without worrying if you have a travel companion.

Justine and her team of locally-based representatives look forward to sharing these amazing experiences with you.

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